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the pa pavement with a layer of sand. black ice an invisible threat. >> you don't have any traction and you can't steer and can't brake. >> they face a bigger obstacle, keeping warm. their shelter in san jose and places in sunnyvale are overcapacity but when the weather is this extreme they stretch their resources. so far haven't turned anyone away. >> we wanted to make sure nobody dies on the street. we are here to help all for a warm, safe place to stay. we provide meals and medical attention if needed. >> last year, 39 people according to them did die on the streets. not just people that need protection but plants. we'll have more coming up at 6:00 on the cold weather. it's cold to the south of us as well in southern california.
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you can see healthy dusting of snow that covered anfelo pe valley. it forced the closure over the grapevine but all lanes are open again. >> the man that was convicted of killing two teenagers more than 40 years now faces charges for killing his 89-year-old mother. >> people are outraged why this person was not kept in jail. laura anthony has more for us. >> i'm standing in front of dennis's home. he lived in the past ten years. this is actually part of the hidden brook golf community in vallejo. this is where police found the body, she was actually 90 years old. that is after her 70-year-old son dennis convicted of double murder and rape back in the 'on 60s. he called police midday yesterday and said he had killed his mother. police responded to the how long
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on marshfield and found her remains on the property. he was paroled from soledad in 1990 he was sentenced to death for the murder of two pinole girls in 1966 but that was overturned in the 1970s. vallejo police knew he was in the knuichbt because he was required to check in with them as a sex parolee. >> he was cooperative with the officers he spoke with initially talking with communication supervisor. it took a lot for her to get it out of her. >> i'm shocked, but i'm not. it really took me back. i had trouble getting my breath. i knew something was going to happen. he such an evil person. i knew it. >> reporter: now, that was a
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family member of one of the girls that was killed in 1966. that woman did not want her name used but she is a family member of 15-year-old carey. she did not want to be identified. it was her family that notified neighbors of his background. we will hear more from her as well as the neighbors here who many of them told us they were aware of his background. we will hear more from them tonight on "abc 7 news" at 6:00. guarding a stash of marijuana, cayman died at the oakland zoo shortly after it was seized in a potted busted. the owner was arrested on suspicion of possessing marijuana for sale. he could face other charges including possession after an exotic animal without a permit. they provided this photo of a 34 pounds of marijuana they say
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they found at the grow house. it is valued more than a hundred thousand dollars. >> a grandmother has been arrested accused of stealing $400,000 from the santa clara county nonprofit where she worked. 62-year-old woman took hundreds of documents housing for independent people to pay for unneeded repairs for her oakland home. the d.a.'s office she filed fake claims for repairs and then pocketed that money. >> teacher credited with diffuse ago school shooting in kern county. it happened in taft. a 16-year-old was armed with a shotgun, he shot one student and fired one other shot. the student was hit is hospitalized in critical condition. the quick acting teacher got the other students out the backdoor and he another staff member convinced the shooter to put down the gun. >> the best i can tell you, we want to commend the teacher and
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a campus supervisor for all they did to bring this to a very quick resolution before anybody else was harmed. >> officials say there is usually an armed officer on campus but that officer was not there today because he was snowed in. >> new developments involving the oil tanker that hit the bay bridge. >> they agreed to possibly adopt a new safety plan for the bridge. lyanne melendez has more from treasure island. >> i'll talk about a little more in just a minute. let me tell you shortly after that meeting, coastguard begin talking about the beacons. the bridge, of course, is behind me as three devices that act like beacons. the state, not the coastguard maintains them. the coastguard confirmed this morning that one of beacons was not working at the time of the
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accident. >> a beacon like this one is is a navigation aid meant to help help a ship get through the bay bridge. one of them was not working when the oil tanker hit one of the towers. >> the morning of the incident, they had no knowledge that it was out. approximately two and a half hours after the casualty we got a report towing vessel that one last inoperable. >> but the coastguard clarified the troubled racon is located along the charlie delta span which is not where the tanker crossed. the overseas raymar crossed between two support towers. >> could that have been the cause? >> it's hard to say but there are a lot of factors we need to look at. that is one factor that is important and we will look into very seriously. >> they also rely on other tools to help guide it. during the monthly meeting they
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recommended a working group to be formed to see whether a new safety plan should be adopted for the bridge. that could mean reducing the numbers of vessels in the bay when visibility is low. that would also affect the transportation of goods. >> if all of you go to safeway and shop for bananas and don't grow bananas but we want to be very cautious. >> also this morning, the pilots association said the pilot maneuvering the oil tanker has passed both the alcohol and drug tests. i'll have more at 6:00. chp is investigating this fiery crash that killed a big rig driver and shut down westbound highway 37 in vallejo for several hours today. the chp says an ace hardware big
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rig driven by william ballard collided with a pickup truck. the big rig tumbled off the highway and landed on a grassy area below where it caught fire. >> two witnesses and off duty paramedic and grabbed the fire extinguisher and went to the big rig to assist the driver. they found the driver upside-down in his cab. they freed him from the cab. >> unfortunately he died at the hospital and driver of the pickup was not hurt. >> still ahead. if you want to lose weight, your chances are better if you live here in the bay area. >> a traveling mural in the east bay, a message of peace. >> dramatic escape for the orcas trapped by ice. >> if you add up all those days of practice, that is a lot of hits. >> at 4:30, distribution reveal new information into the death of former san diego charger
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junior seau. >> and taking a live look at traffic on the san francisco, this is familiar pattern this week. heavy traffic for drivers trying to make their way east across the bay bridge, much lighter for drivers south toward the peninsula and beyond.
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>> carolyn: and oakland group is trying a new approach to fight street violence with a traveling
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mural. they commissioned the mural today that is still under construction. mural represents hope and forgiveness. families of oakland gun violence victims attended today's unveiling and so did barbara lee that hopes new legislation at the federal level will take firearms off of oakland streets. >> people get killed. it's called banning assault weapons was just one effort that would really help reduce the crime here on the streets. >> carolyn: and it was painted on large panels. that makes it portable. it will travel throughout the city of oakland. >> american express announced major cost cutting moves. they are slashing 5400 jobs mainly in the travel business. those cuts will be off set by new hiring but overall american express expects to reduce its work force by 4-6%. >> carolyn: it looks like san
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francisco is a great place to get fit. digital music copies through cds bought through the web store. >> larry: hi, emily. >> good afternoon. first, let's talk about hp. ceo mike whitman tells bloomberg business week it's going to take five years to turn around the company. the report drama about hp and the economy accounting scandal is much worse than what is actually going on. as for the future of hp, the company will ultimately return to the smart phone business. she says she has no plans to spinoff the printer division. >> meantime, amazon is stepping up challenge to itunes and google and others with a with the cloud feature. it will allow customers to get free copies of the music in the cloud. if you bought a gd on amazon you
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may be eligible to convert it. so far 50,000 albums are available. >> facebook first designer is leaving the company for the second time. he created the like button and also introduced photo tag. he was recruited by shawn parker to facebook and left the company for a short time before coming back. no word on his future plans. it was a good day for the markets. stocks closed higher, with s&p 500 closing the highest level in five years. bloomberg index also closed higher. if one of your new year's resolution to lose weight, i've got good news for you. san francisco topped the list of the ten best large metro areas for losing weight. our city scored very well for offering healthy food options.
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having a lot of local gyms and good number of residents that walk or bike to work. las vegas ranked as the worst place to lose weight. >> larry: a lot of other activities going in las vegas. about a dozen killer whales trapped under sea ice appear to have reached safety. two hunters reported that the water opened up around the area north of quebec where they have been bobbing around frantically for air. villagers were planning to launch a rescue operation but shifting winds pushed the floating ice farther from shoe shore so the manages are safe. >> carolyn: spectacular. we're seeing the chill here. >> larry: it is cold. that is why spencer stayed away today. >> he was a smart guy. get ready to feel the chill
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tonight. if you think it's cold right now that cold air is settling in and temperatures are going to plunge. let me show you a live picture. you can see what is going on in the atmosphere. skies are clearing out from the east bay hills area. we have a colder air mass coming in and temperatures are on their way down. let me show you live doppler 7-hd. it's going to be one of those nights you wanted to bundle up. live doppler showing you a much quieter picture than what we were dealing with last night and earlier this morning. few showers remaining in the southern end of salinas valley but it's winding down. temperatures 48 in half moon bay. it's breezy especially near the coast. freezing cold the next two mornings, cool afternoons into the weekend and dry and milder weather next week. there is going to be one little thing i have to mention about the weekend in just a moment. 28 degrees tomorrow morning in
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livermore, 29 in concord and east bay, fairfield 29 degrees. vallejo down to 30. 28 santa rosa. palo alto 33 degrees. oakland, 36 degrees. same thing for half moon bay. it's going to be a cold night. you will need to dress in layers tomorrow morning. the front is gone but we have a cold air moving in. string of cold nights ahead. you get the picture the next two nights will be cold. that is why freeze warnings and frost advisories are going up. dry pattern through next week with an area of high pressure in place. only thing there is a weak disturbance that is expected to move through sunday morning, sunday morning you may see a couple of showers. i do want to mention a statement. highest tides tomorrow morning, just over 7 feet at 10:26 with
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swells and expect possibly minor flooding in low-lying areas. tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny. temperatures upper 40s. clearlake, cloverdale most other areas except for livermore in the low 50s. temperatures will remain cooler than average for this time of year and around the monterey bay 49 in morgan hill. 52 in watsonville. it's a big game, this saturday night. now the weather is looking favorable. niners are going to win against the green bay packers. it's going to be cold, 49 degrees and dropping to 45. make sure you grab a jacket or sweat shirt if you are going to the game. combed the next two mornings. we'll keep it cool for the afternoon then slowly temperatures will moderate next week as high pressure build in. we'll get to the mid to upper 50s by wednesday. low 60s by thursday. milder pattern coming but not immediately. until then, we'll freeze. [ laughter ]
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>> larry: you are making weather and sports predictions. >> you are doing supports and news, what is wrong with that. >> fair enough. >> entertainment, the race for oscar gold. which actors got the big nominations. >> i'm nannette miranda. governor brown says there is something in the state budget that californians haven't seen in years. >> larry: i'm doing traffic now. live look at the san mateo bridge, i'm not qualified for weather. heading towards the peninsula, oncoming traffic towards the east bay moving pretty smoothly. mo
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>> carolyn: nominations are out for the academy award. >> larry: said mcfar land emmett stone made the announcements today. >> we are pleased to announce the best picture nominees are, beast of the southern wild, josh penn producers. >> silver linings playbook. >> zero dark 30. >> lincoln. >> les miserabe. >> amore. >> django unchained.
4:23 pm
>> and argo. ben affleck and george clooney producers. >> lincoln, received the most nomination west side 12. dan lewis was given the best nod. and the oldest nominee every in the film amore. >> and wallace was the youngest nominee and best actress for her role as spirited role. she missed the announcement but she celebrates with chicken and waffles and pizza which is the way to go. >> carolyn: there were a notable high profile snubs. ben affleck did not get a directing nomination for argo. >> and django, quentin tarantino was left off the list. katherine bigelow, she was
4:24 pm
snubbed because of the controversy over her film's of torture and suggestion that it led to the information that brought about the death of osama bin laden. i'm told that because there are ten films in the best picture category, there are only five director slots for best director. that is why you have the imbalance. >> carolyn: and only nine pictures were chosen. new rules are confusing. >> imagine if they had ten of everything. >> and seth mcfarland is hosting the oscar show. >> what we can look forward to. >> hollywood gets an early morning wake-up call. oscar nominations are out and whole town is buzzing. lincoln leads the way followed by life of pi with 11. seth mcfarland jeond joined emma stone to announce and the pair
4:25 pm
was playful. >> emma stone is the star of gangster squad. some say she is better than meryl streep. >> she spilled the beans, he may be singing on the big show. >> i can't give anything away. oh, my god you have a big orchestra there. >> tune in to find out february 24th right here on abc. it was the fans no who voted for the 2013 people's choice awards. nathan won and castle won favorite crime drama. some were thanks for loyal fans whoever they are. >> paul wilson and he is my father. >> full list of winners at
4:26 pm and check out the oscar ballot. george is talking about something called the my picks oscar app. there is the list of the nominees. when you log in with facebook share your picks with a friend. you can access it at >> larry: then see who wins when the oscars are announced live only on abc7. i think lincoln is going to do quite well. >> carolyn: still ahead at 4:00, new findings from the investigation into junior seau's death, what was wrong with the charger. >> and vice president biden says a plan is emerging and what the nra is saying. >> is your messy home causing fights between you and your significant other? new tools to help you get
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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i saw the man that i looked up to i always want to make proud started doing what he wanted me to do and start doing
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the opposite. >> the family of junior seau as to what went wrong and why he shot and killed himself last may. today we learned he suffered from a degenerative brain disease. >> that is often associated with repeated blows to the head. we talked to his family about the findings. >> the sudden suicide of junior seau shocked sports fans and sent hits family screaming for answers. >> we just wanted the truth. >> he was a legend on the gridiron, a 12 time pro bowler that was known for crushing hits like this. it's the bruising blow that has made the family and many others question what made him shoot himself in the chest. >> head to head contact, the collisions are out of control. >> they donated his brain to national institute of health.
4:31 pm
he showed visible signs of chronic encephalopathy. that shrinks and hardens brain tissue. part of the reason it's the most popular sport. >> if you add up all these days of practice, training camp and games, that is lot of hits. >> recently the league has come under fire. more than 4,000 former players have sued the league in a landmark class action lawsuit. they claim the n.f.l. misled them for decades on the risks of brain injury. >> there is no focus on the most important part of your body which is your brain. >> the league insists it's made safety a top priority. they understand that violence is part of football and hits make the highlight reels. >> it's not worth it for me. >> the findings on his brain underscore the need for more
4:32 pm
research on concussion related injuries. and coming up at 5:00, cheryl jennings will sit down with two former bay area football players that struggled with depression. that coming up at 5:00. >> underage league baseball will begin blood testing its players for human growth hormone. timing is interesting coming up one day after baseball stars barry bonds, roger clemens were left out of the hall of fame because of their connection of steroid use. the testing is one part of the anti-doping effort. joe biden says he will deliver gun control recommendations to president obama by tuesday. he says federal task force to curb violence has been productive. he met with representatives of nra and walmart. >> there is an emerging set of
4:33 pm
recommendations not coming from me but coming from the groups we've met with. i'm going to focus on the ones that relate primarily to gun ownership and type of weapons that can be owned. >> biden said they agreed on conducting universal background checks. nra says gun rights and will cite attempts to limit law abiding americans from buying guns. >> evangelical pastor chosen to give the benediction for president obama's inaugural after anti-gay remarks surfaced. he says prayer would be overshadowed by his past comments. the president will use two bibles for his swearing. he will use both martin luther king travels bible and the one used by president lincoln.
4:34 pm
mr. obama used it four years ago. >> president obama nominated his chief of staff jack lew to serve as next treasury-secretary. he touted his past work. the budget ran a surplus during his tha time. he is going to replace tim geithner. >> if confirmed i look forward to joining the treasury department whose people are legendary with skill knowledge. >> lew became president obama's chief of staff last year and has a reputation of a tough bargainer but republicans say he has been too unyielding in past negotiations. >> it nearly fell through because of lew's signature. you can see it. that signature would appear on all u.s. paper money if he is confirmed. president obama said he never
4:35 pm
noticed it at before, he quote, considered rescinding the offer. he says he will try to improve his handwriting. >> do they still teach penmanship? >> sleeping pills that millions of americans use. >> plus, this animal has caused a lot of frantic 911 calls. is it a baby lion or a dog? we'll introduce you to him up next. >> and i'm sandhya patel. skies are clearing out. the chill is moving in. get ready for a freezing cold night. freeze warnings and frost advisories coming up. >> another live look at traffic and golden gate bridge moving smoothly and oncoming traffic coming into san francisco, slower northbound towards marin but not
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>> larry: a dog groomed to look like a lion is social media sensation. charlie the labra dood le after they were swamped. they saw him walking around and they thought a lion had escaped from the zoo. >> i'm driving down the street right before the zoo and there was a lion that ran across the street. a baby lion.
4:39 pm
>> it looked like a small lion. it had the mane and everything. [ laughter ] >> just relax, he was groomed like a lion and could be an unofficial mascot. charlie catches people by surprise. >> i've seen him dive through the window to get in the car think a lion is after them. >> it's pretty funny unless you are one of people that is scared to death. charlie's facebook page has blown up since these reports started coming in. things are getting to him asking twitter followers if they would like his paw to havegraph. they did a great job. it is remarkable. bay area is buzz weigh playoff fever as the 49ers host the
4:40 pm
green bay packers. check out the, he has been a niners fan since birth. his jersey is game day along with lulu the dog. >> and melanie, sent her picture of her little girl and whole family lives for the niners. this is a picture of her son with face paint. >> e-mail your photos to ureport@kgo o and we'll show as many of them on the air as we possibly can. i've been a fan my whole life. >> three weeks. >> sandhya patel is in for spencer christian. >> and the weather looks good for that game. dropping to mid 40s which is cold but dry. live doppler 7-hd, skies are clearing out. weather is ending as far as the
4:41 pm
showers are concerned. we do have freeze warnings going up friday and saturday morning for the inland valleys and santa clara valleys. frost advisory for the bayshore line. this is 2:00 to 8:00 a.m., low to mid-30s but mid 20s to low 30s. frost sensitive plants could be see freeze damage or frost damage where. >> chance of snow showers, in yosemite. 28. 26 degrees in tahoe. so far this the sierra has picked up 4-14 inches of snow in the last 24 hours. eureka will see rain showers, 46 degrees and down to los angeles, 57 tomorrow afternoon and sunny. temperatures will remain cool. upper 40s to low 50s. 52 san francisco. only 49 for the high in livermore and morgan hill. saturday morning will be cold. we'll keep it cool through the weekend and then a dry and
4:42 pm
milder pattern setting up for next week. >> carolyn: thank you. >> larry: good advice. california hits a renewable. >> and a baby panda ready to meet his fans. >> i'm michael finney, its common complaint between couples. messy homes. messy homes. toolinsoe enmise tot atint ilyel y s luloonge iuronirplin ocdiou
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r om
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the fda is requiring the makers of ambien to lower the amount of drug in the drug. doses will be lowered for men but it will not be mandatory. the changes apply to all insomnia treatments containing the drug which is sold under the brand ambien and several others. >> larry: all right. getting organized is one of your new year's resolutions, there are a lot of things to get the job done. >> carolyn: michael finney is here with helpful tips. >> what do couples argue about
4:46 pm
the most? money comes to mind but consumer reports survey shows 40% of a couples argue more about messes. here are new tools to help you clean up the clutter. >> this is overflowing with clothes and cluttered kitchen drawers. that is where a professional organizer comes to the rescue. >> a good general tip is to start with the very common areas of your space. the place that you are all the time. >> consumer reports shop smart consulted with professionals to find the latest tools. search through a drawer to find the right utensil. this system for $26 puts utensils in place so they don't slip. >> you cut the size down to fit any kitchen drawer. >> do you end up throwing all
4:47 pm
your gadgets in your suitcase? try this. a case that organizes your phones, cameras and cords. it comes in different sizes ranging from $10-50. would you like to banish messy drawers? consider these from clio. >> you fold over that and you tuck it into a box that the system comes with. so all the t-shirts are lined up in a row and pull it out without messing up the whole pile. >> tired of stemming over tiny toys. with the play mat you pull a draw string and everything is in a tidy pack. few items can go on a long way to get clutter under control. >> and who is the messy yest. 39% of men, they look for trouble, 39% of men say they
4:48 pm
are. the number was lower for women, 26% admitted they were. what are the two things that drive the people craziest, bills and keys. plastic bags for everything. >> a thousand plastic bags. [ laughter ] >> take your pick, one of those bags. >> it's in the bag. [ laughter ] >> and stepping over a plastic lego with your bare foot. >> this is very helpful segment. >> more and more californians are embracing solar power. they have reached a milestone, a thousand megawatts of installed power enough to for a hundred thousand homes. the program offers rebates for the installation of solar systems. it has a budget of $2.4 billion
4:49 pm
over ten years with a goal of reaching 1900 megawatts of power. >> baby panda made its first public appearance at the san diego zoo this morning. five-month-old cub was brought out for a couple of hours. panda is shamed shirley woo which means little gift in chinese. he has a strong following. they will keep him behind the scenes for a while. >> it's not sure the dog was dressed up as a panda. jimmy kimmel time slot earned his second highest rated show on tuesday night. >> jennifer aniston last night it was ryan gosling. >> i got a haircut last night.
4:50 pm
jennifer aniston cut my hair last night. >> why did you let her do that? >> there was a lot of repair work done. >> and brad paisley took the stage of last night's. bruno performs tonight. it's at 11:35 and then "nightline" has move to 12:37. >> california's budget is in a surplus. governor brown lays out a spending plan today. find out where some of that cash could be spent. >> i'm dan ashley in the newsroom. coming up at 5:00, first day in court for a boyfriend accused of setting his girlfriend on fire. and new college trend that is real sign of the times. they are freezing tuition and
4:51 pm
upping scholarship offers.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
for first time in years, california is set to end the year with money in the bank. >> the governor unveiled his new spending plan and welcome news for education. nannette miranda is live in sacramento with more on this for us. >> reporter: if you look at just the state's general fund, things do look rosier but it doesn't account for the big debt that california has to pay back but the governor sees this as great progress. >> over here.... >> he says the budget deficit has been wiped out. and spending in kindergarten through 12th great will go up $2700 under a controversial proposal to give schools more money. >> growing up in richmond is not
4:55 pm
like it is growing up in los gatos or piedmont. >> higher education will see a bump of $2,000 per student in the same time period. all thanks to resounding economy and california voters for approving the tax hike under proposition 30 last november. >> they voted for the tax measure, we're putting money into schools as i said, but we're not going to play the game of spending money we don't have. >> reporter: in fact the $98 billion budget plan includes a billion dollar rainy day fund. proposal also drew cautious praise from republicans. >> i think the governor deserves credit for balancing a budget plan that generally imposes fiscal restraint where we need it. >> those that rely on social services were disappointed. they thought some of the safety net programs would have restored. thousands have been living without dental care and florence was counting on looking for
4:56 pm
dentures so he can look for a job. >> the only places you can go, they are only doing extractions. >> prop 30 money is specifically for schools. >> prop 30 was a question of funding the budget we had identified. it's not a question of funding restoration of cuts. >> this is just the first step. tax revenue structure becomes clear in may. they must pass a budget by june 15th. >> larry: we should mention, nanette won a copy of the budget for asking the first question. not suitable for framing. >> lots of good reading to do. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn johnson. >> larry: i'm larry beil. >> snow and ice hit some of the highest peaks, there is a big
4:57 pm
chill down on the streets. one spot is expected to be the coldest tonight. >> and i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. get ready for an icy cold night. >> dan: and how the rescue of a gator that guard add huge stash of pot may have contributed to his sudden death. >> cheryl: temperatures dipped low enough but a light dusting of snow hit the highest elevations. >> dan: get ready to bundle up. it's freezing temperatures return. meteorologist sandhya patel is here to show you where the warnings are going up. >> warnings and frost advisories are going up a good part of the bay area. live doppler 7-hd, our radar in st. helena combining with the
4:58 pm
national weather service radar both picking up quite a lot of activity. we did receive snow in the santa cruz mountains up to an inch above 3,000 feet. even above 2,000 feet and southern monterey county, over 4,000 foot elevations, six inches of snow. it was cold enough for it. with the cold air moving in and skies clearing out we have freeze warnings covering the north bay next two mornings, friday and saturday. east bay interior valleys. we are concerned about mid 20s to low 30s with freeze damage to crops and sensitive vegetation. frost advisory saturday mornings for the bayshore line. temperatures low to mid-30s. sensitive outdoor plants at risk. i'll show you how much temperatures will drop. >> cheryl: the temperatures as you saw got so low in the part of south bay that mount hamilton looked like it had snow out.
4:59 pm
23 degree temperature there actually froze the moisture in the fog so that is ice that you are looking at. tonight, one of coldest spots could be in the north bay. heather ishimaru joins us all bundled up from petaluma. >> reporter: okay, so it's not exactly the arctic, not buffalo, new york but freezing temperatures are freezing temperatures nonetheless and they pose a threat to people, pets and plants and that is what they are preparing for. >> petaluma storefront declares baby it's cold outside and it's about to get colder. >> it will be very cold tonight. >> did that mean anything for you? >> i need to cover up my banana plants. >> and anyone behind the wheel will have to watch for black ice. chp warns these are prime conditions for the transparent sheets of ice especially on

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